HomesteadingThe Importance of WATER in the Homesteading Experience

The Importance of WATER in the Homesteading Experience

The importance of water in the homesteading experience can be the difference life and death – success and failure…. here is why ! The article itself was written more from a historical perspective and tells of how groundwater access used to heavily influence how settlers would determine what areas they wanted their land to be.

The Importance of WATER in the Homesteading Experience

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Water is one of the precious resources that many people who live in areas that have it readily available. However, for those who don’t, especially people who have chosen to live the homesteader life, water is a very important resource. Like many earlier civilizations, homesteaders rely heavily on often hard to find water sources and learn early on to be very protective of it.

Since homesteaders must grow their own food, water for irrigation for the growing of crops as well as for personal hygiene and cleaning. The Great Plains became a favorite place to set up their homestead with an enormous underground Ogallala Aquifer being situated just under the ground running north to south in the center of the US.

The benefits of reading the Importance of Water in the Homestead Experience Article

● The article includes a little bit of a history lesson of the early days of homesteading

● It gives a bit of background on how the early homesteaders and settlers would choose their land

● It helps to explain that having a ready water source helped to cut down on a lot of work

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