KnittingThe Jogless Join Knitting Tutorial

The Jogless Join Knitting Tutorial

Check out this jogless join knitting tutorial and see how to make a join with out the visible jog.

For many millions of people all over the world, knitting is an activity that they do for the love of it. They also love to see the look on the people’s faces who receive one of the things that they made as a special gift. Whether it is a blanket, hat or scarf, nothing says love more than a hand knitted blanket to keep you warm.

The Jogless Join Knitting Tutorial

This tutorial was designed to help give the knitter a hand when it comes to joining segments of whatever is being knitted. The jogless join knitting tutorial is from, JL Yarnworks.

The article and tutorial were written to share some of the author’s experiences with knitting and to offer the reader a simple solution to a common knitting problem. The jogless join that is discussed in the tutorial is a method that makes it more seamless to transition from colors when adding stripes to your knitting project.

Benefits of following the Knitting 101: The Jogless Join Knitting Tutorial

Learn about a very useful way to transition colors while you are knitting with multiple colors such as striping.
The tutorial describes in detail exactly how the method can be easily incorporated into your everyday knitting projects.

It also goes into great detail explaining how to do it and includes a stitch by stitch process that is easy to follow.
Teaches how you can have invisible jog joins.

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