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The main reasons to purchase a home solar system right now

During the past years, the cost of solar panels has decreased several times. The cost of components for the solar energy system is also reduced. The low cost of solar panels (https://a1solarstore.com/solar-panels/trina-solar-panels.html) and the increasing cost of energy make the purchase and installation of a solar power system in the house quite attractive.


The declining cost of solar panels makes them not only a way to use green electricity, but also a good investment.

Ask yourself, which of your purchases over the past 10 years have generated the cash flow? Almost everything that we buy brings us some benefit but does not bring us money. If we look at the costs that any home requires, then almost all of them only consume our money – repairs, painting, improvements, any construction work and all this without any reliable money back. At the same time, any correctly installed cheap solar system (https://a1solarstore.com/) produces electricity at every moment when the sun’s rays fall on the battery. This electricity replaces the energy that you would otherwise consume from the network and would have to pay for it. So, the solar battery constantly produces a positive flow of money, which provides a return (full or partial) of investments for its purchase.

About 20 years ago, one could have said that the payback from solar panels is some kind of fantasy Now the payback period can be easily calculated, and it is in the 5-10 years range – depending on the capacity of the system and in which region and in what modes the solar power system is operating. If the system is autonomous, then its payback can be compared with alternative power supply, usually a gasoline or diesel generator. In this case, the payback of a solar power plant is from several months to several years.

What motivates buyers of solar panels?

According to the conducted analysis of the motives for the solar purchase, it can be said that the main ones are:

  • The desire to be independent.
  • Interest in new technologies.
  • Environmental concern.

The new motive in recent years is to be independent of rising prices on electricity. When you buy a solar panel for your home, you make the cost of the electricity constant. Can you imagine that you could buy gas at the price from 30 years ago? When you buy a solar battery for your home, you make the price of electricity generated by a solar power system stable for 20-40 years in advance.

Usually, solar panels are mounted on roofs, but with the help of special structures, they can also be placed on the ground or even on a vertical wall. Depending on the conditions and the required amount of energy, any of these can provide maximum sunlight absorption.

There are several factors that determine the positioning and orientation of solar panels. These are: the direction of the roof, its angle and stability, weather conditions such as rain and snow levels in a certain area during the year, and, of course, any obstacles that can cause shading (tall trees, other buildings on the site, neighboring houses). It is best to consult with a professional to understand how many panels you need to purchase and where it is best to install them. Thus, you will be protected from many unpleasant mistakes.

The reason why roofs are so popular in terms of solar mounting is that they usually receive more sunlight and are less prone to shading. They also have several sides, from which you can choose the most suitable. Of course, the south side and small deviations (up to 15 degrees) are preferable to the southeast and southwest. In addition, installation on the roof is attractive due to the mounting structure. With ground placement, it is necessary to build a structure (canopy), which in turn increases the cost of the solar system. However, sometimes the installation on the roof is impractical due to certain restrictions , in such cases, it is best to use a universal canopy.


Autonomous PV systems do not depend on network failures, on changes in prices and policies of local energy networks. Land plots that are remote from the networks usually cost much cheaper, and the money saved can be successfully spent on the purchase of an autonomous power supply system. In many cases, the cost of such a system is much lower than the construction of electrical networks on the site.

When evaluating various options for the autonomic power supply, it becomes clear that the solar system produces low-cost electricity. The sun shines everywhere and is available to everyone for free. Besides, when compared with the above examples, the operating costs of the solar power system will be much lower due to the lack of moving parts, the extremely high reliability of solar panels, and minimal maintenance.


Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas
Hello, I'm Bryan Thomas, a passionate advocate for sustainable living, emergency preparedness, and self-reliance. With over a decade of experience in homesteading and a background in environmental science, I aim to educate and inspire others to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.


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