The Powerful Healing of Thyme

The Powerful Healing of Thyme

Look at all the ways thyme can help heal and kill various flues and germs. Thyme originated in Mediterranean and has been used for years. It is also described as an aromatic herb, which comes from the mint family and grows to about 15” with pink flowers and small rounded leaves.

Nowadays, it’s common around North America. It came from a Greek work thumus, which means courage. During Medieval times, knights who work sprigs of thyme show courage. The scent of thyme gives them strength in the middle of the battle.
More often than not, thyme is used as spice in culinary purposes. Its rich and aromatic flavor is ideal for soups, marinades, and stews.

It also used as one of the natural remedies. However, it must be used carefully for the reason that it’s potent and may be dangerous. It is often used for respiratory problems.
Many modern herbalists value thyme for its antibacterial and expectorant properties. It’s frequently used in preparations to protect and support one’s respiratory system.

This essential oil is a natural preservative and effective disinfectant that is used in numerous skin preparations, not just for its therapeutic effects, yet to protect it from spoilage and microbial contamination.

According to studies, the broad range of actions of thyme and have recognized potent antioxidant properties, which have some anti-aging implications. Health Wellness Portal shares all of this info on Thyme.

It was also found that thyme is the most powerful herb that can help you fight against flu virus, candida, herpes, and strep.