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The Top Three Signs Your AC Is Broken

Like most people, you probably do not give your HVAC system much thought until something goes wrong. You will go through the motions every day, heating and cooling your home as required until you discover that things are no longer working as they used to.

While most HVAC systems are designed to last around a decade, during this time, they will most likely experience some wear and tear. With constant use, it is to be expected that your air conditioner breaks down at some point and does not work like it used to.

This is something all homeowners experience, but it does not make it any easier when your time comes. Sometimes, you may not even know what is wrong, but that something just is not right, and this can add to your stress.

In this guide, we are sharing the top three signs that you need to get your broken air conditioner repaired so you can keep yourself comfortable and safe at all times.

Issue One: Leaking

This is one of the most common signs of damage when it comes to your HVAC unit, and it can be hazardous if left unattended too.

When something has gone wrong within the unit, you will most likely notice a build-up of moisture around the appliance or leaking from the pipework and vents. This is because something within the unit has gone awry and is now causing a build-up of moisture.

This can cause the HVAC to not work as effectively or stop working altogether in some cases. Leaks are one of the first signs of damage that homeowners recognize, and this needs to be addressed immediately because they can damage other areas of the home and be incredibly dangerous if left unattended for long.

Issue Two: Strange Smells

Much like the first issue, strong and strange smells coming from vents around your home are caused by a build-up of moisture.

When something is no longer working as it should in your HVAC system, there will be a build-up of moisture. This can not only cause leaks, as we have mentioned, but standing water carries a lot of bacteria and can cause molding, which leads to strange smells being omitted.

If you notice a strong smell whenever you run the HVAC, it is time to call in a repair team to assess the damage.

Issue Three: Rising Energy Bills

While it is no secret that the cost of everything is rising, it is important to pay attention to your energy bills when you are using the AC, as this can indicate a bigger issue.

If you have noticed that your bills have increased, this can also be a sign that you need to call in the repair team.

This occurs because when something is broken within the HVAC system, it can no longer give the output that it used to, and it is now working harder to deliver the same results, making it more expensive to run at home.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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