MovingThe Ultimate Checklist for Moving House

The Ultimate Checklist for Moving House

If you are soon to be relocating, you are probably dreading the move, which can be a stressful experience at the best of times, and in order to make it a pleasant experience, here is the ultimate checklist for moving house.


  • Cancel Subscriptions – Either cancel them or inform the provider of your new postal address, and by making a list, you can cross each one off as you inform the provider. You should also let any domestic service company you use know that you no longer reside at that address, and there will likely be quite a few.
  • House Cleaning – There are companies that carry out junk removal in Sydney and they can be found with an online search. You will not have to lift a finger, simply tell the provider what is to be taken away and they will probably be able to clean the house for a small fee. Make no mistake, there will be a lot of waste, and with a reliable domestic waste removal company, they will do the hard work for you.
  • Removal Contractor – Your choice of removalist will determine the experience you have, so try to select an established contractor that offers a comprehensive service. Let the experts do the packing and they would supply all the packing materials, labelling boxes and making sure that all of your personal possessions are treated with care. With the Covid pandemic, you will also want to make sure that the movers you are looking into will take your safety as seriously as possible. One moving company, United, put together a Covid checklist of different factors you should consider before you move. 
  • Terminate Utilities – You need to have the utilities terminated on the last day, and this can be done with a few phone calls, and don’t forget to make sure the power and water are turned on at the new residence.
  • Send the Kids Off for the Day – You certainly don’t want the kids around on the day of the move, so ask the grandparents if they could help for a day. If you have older children, enlist their help, and they would probably learn some valuable lessons in organising and planning. The family dog could go to the kennels for a couple of days, until you are settled in at your new home, then you’ll be ready for his arrival, and expect him to thoroughly explore his new territory.
  • The Keys to the New Property – Might seem a bit obvious, but people do forget to get the keys, which is embarrassing when a team of removal men are sitting on the front lawn, waiting to unload. You should also hand over the keys to the old home to either the real estate agent or the new owner.
  • Preparing the New Home – Ideally, the interior would be cleaned a couple of days prior to the move, and if that’s not possible, there are house cleaners who can make very short work of a surface clean, and the home will be ready for occupation.

Check and double check everything and always update your checklist, which will ensure that nothing is overlooked, and the relocation will be a breeze and you can start the next exciting chapter of your life.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
Hello! I'm Heather Jones, a dedicated writer and expert in the fields of DIY projects, home improvement, and emergency preparedness. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, I'm committed to sharing practical tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your home and life.


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