Household TipsThermal Heat Saving Reflective Curtains DIY Project

Thermal Heat Saving Reflective Curtains DIY Project

Thermal Heat Saving Reflective Curtains DIY Project is an amazing way to keep the heat INSIDE your house during the winter.

Thermal Heat Saving Reflective Curtains DIY Project

When it is Winter, we turn on the heating to be very warm inside, which leads to a rise in our energy bills. At this point in time, people are becoming energy conscious by any means. There is installing energy panels and following some recommendations that will save money on those bills. In an effort to restrain the use of power at home while maintaining the use of heating, build curtains that prevent any heat from escaping through your windows.

Step 1: Materials:

* 2-3 Emergency blankets/foam reflective pads/ windshield blockers*

* Roll of 2″ wide tape (I used aluminum tape)

* Bag of Grommets and crimper

* Bag of curtain hangers

* Aluminum Foil Mat Waterproof Insulated – (Buy Here to support our website)

First, take the top curtain side, fold in half, and attach it in different places to keep it still. Think of where it will be folded along the windows. Get the tape in front and connect it to the backside so they are secured together. Tape end with the central point to move the curtain with ease from each side of the window. Some can construct two of these special curtains, but one of these will do the work just fine and make it easy to tuck away along the main curtains of the house.

It is something easily built like this that can keep the house warm in the winter cold and keeps energy costs down. We hate being inside yet feel the cold, even with our heaters on. It is workable to contain the heat and protect the from being heat being lost outside the home.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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