Build ItThermoelectric Fan Powered by a Tea Light Candle

Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Tea Light Candle

Are you curious about how power is generated? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your generator? If so, this is the perfect project tutorial for you! This guide will walk you through how to make a thermoelectric fan. The fun part? It’s powered by a tea light!

This project uses easy to find items to create a fun little ornament. This project is great for the curious, but also an awesome way to teach children about generators and thermoelectric power. Also, if you’re looking for a fun way to heat your room using very little power, you’ll find this little fan actually gives off quite a bit of heat.


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Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Tea Light Candle

For this project, you’ll need:

• CPU-cooler (cold side): Zalman CNPS5X (Base plate: 33 x 33mm)
• CPU-cooler (hot side): From an old PC (W x L x H = 78 x 63 x 67mm)
• TEC-module: TEC1-07110T200 (30 x 30 x 3.3mm)
• DC Motor: 1.5-3V
• USB-fan
• Thermal paste: Arctic MX-4
• A piece of wood
• Two pull springs
• Four M4 bolts and two M3 bolts
• Aluminum tubes (optional)

It’s just that easy! The blog this guide is on is also great to follow if you’re interested in these types of projects. The person running it updates his tutorials as he discovers new information, so you can keep checking in to find ways to improve your thermoelectric fan.

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Here is a video of the Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Tea Light Candle in action:

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