Off GridThermosyphon Solar Shower Off The Grid System

Thermosyphon Solar Shower Off The Grid System

This in depth look into the Thermosyphon Solar Shower Off The Grid System is a great way to get a hot shower in privacy using the sun’s rays to heat the water. The sun is one of the most popular of all renewable energy sources being used by people living off the grid.

Thermosyphon Solar Shower Off The Grid System

The sun is frequently used to either produce electricity to run electrical service or used to heat water to be used in the home. Solar energy is also can be used to provide hot water for alternative outdoor showers for camping sites.

● Designed to create an eco-friendly way to supply hot water for a shower

● Project includes a complete list of all necessary supplies and materials

● It also includes a complete step by step, easy to follow instruction guide

● Includes several full color diagrams that depict several different stages of the construction


2×4 (12 feet) 18

4×4 (8 feet) 10

Redwood Fence Boards 56

Latch 1

Hinges 2

Shower Head 1

Claw Foot Tub or Galvanized Tub 1

Copper Pipe (feet) 30

Hot Water Heater 1

Control Valves 1

Pipe Paint (gallon) 2

Box of Galvanized Nails 1

2×4 (12 feet) 18

While commercially sold solar heating systems can be very pricy, Do It Yourself projects can help you to create the same kind system at a bargain price. These types of projects generally can be easily be accomplished by people that may not have a lot of experience. Many of the materials that are part of the project can be easily obtained at a local hardware store or might already be on hand.

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Melissa Francis
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