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Things they Make you Buy but you Actually don’t Need


We as consumers often fall into the trap of the hamster in a wheel mood. As a result, we end up buying things that not only we don’t need, but are also harmful for both the environment and us. Therefore it is important to start questioning the products we consume on a daily basis.

  1. Sponges

From scrubbing your dishes to cleaning your oven or bathroom, sponges are needed in your daily cleaning routine. However, the usual ones you buy from the store contain toxic materials to the environment and are made with a quality that doesn’t last long. Thus, large amounts of sponges are thrown into the garbage each day. The best alternative is the natural LOOFAH which does a great job in scrubbing any surface and can be used to scrub your body as well. You can plant it in your own backyard and compost it when it gets torn out.

  1. Commercial Shampoo

If you take a look on the ingredients of your commercial shampoo the last thing you will want to do is using it on your hair. Keep in mind the piles of empty bottles that are adding up each day. There are many zero waste shops or online stores selling great quality, custom made, and eco- friendly alternatives. OR, if you’re up to it make your own DIY shampoo!


  1. Cleaning Products

Nowadays there is a cleaning product for almost every item in the house. However, all what you need is baking soda, vinegar, and for heavy duty cleaning nitric acid. Cut down your old T-Shirt into all purpose cloths.  ET VOILA! A mix of vinegar and water can be an all purpose cleaner;  baking soda is great for kitchen and bathroom clean ups.

  1. Toilet Paper

Simply install a bidet toilet combo and never go back to using toilet paper again. Not only it is more hygienic and environment friendly, but it will also save you time money and efforts!




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