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Things to Do Before a Visit from a Pest Control Specialist

When you make an appointment for a visit from a pest control specialist, there are things that you should do around your house to get it ready for inspection and treatment. Any reliable and reputable pest control service will provide you with a list of tasks to do around your home in order to prepare it before the pest control service arrives. If you do not follow the instructions provided to you, you might make the treatment unsafe, and you might give the pests a way to re infest your home.

Here are some steps that you should follow:

Before the pest control service arrives, make sure that you clean your house and remove the clutter. This will encourage the pest to be attracted to the bait that the pest control specialist will set instead of being attracted to the trash in your house.

Remove all food and utensils from your countertops. Cover and store away any food items.

Remove things that are sitting on top of your refrigerator and large appliances. 

Store away toys and small appliances.

Use a mop and detergent to clean the kitchen, flooring, and other surfaces.

Check room corners for signs of pest eggs. Remove and dispose of the eggs appropriately. Clean these areas before the pest control specialist arrives. 

Remove all trash from your home.

Move appliances away from the wall and clean beneath the appliances. These include the refrigerator, washer and dryer, cabinets, and others. Pests often hide behind these appliances and make nests.

Make access to all areas of your home available to pest control specialists. They have to be able to get to all areas that pests like to hide in. They will need to look for signs of pests like eggs, pest faeces, and exoskeletons.

Pests like to hide and feed on paper waste. If you have a lot of paper waste around your home, get rid of it right away and clear the area.

Pests also like places that are damp. Check the water supply lines in your home and seal any leaks that you find.

If any member of your household has health problems, or if you have infants or pets in the home, you must take safety measures before the pest control service arrives. Inform the pest control team of these individuals and conditions. You will have to keep family members with health issues, babies and pets out of the house for the recommended amount of time.

Below are steps to follow for different types of pests:


Clean your home thoroughly, as described above. Thoroughly vacuum all carpeting and mattresses if you are concerned for your pet. If you plan to give your pet a flea treatment around the same time as the pest control service, bathe your pet appropriately first.


Clean your home thoroughly before the pest control service arrives. The trained pest control specialist will use a gel bait to lure the cockroaches in order to eliminate them. Therefore, it is important that you remove all signs of other foods from your home so the pests will only be attracted to the bait. Clean your kitchen thoroughly and put away food products to increase the effectiveness of the insecticide. Inform the pest control specialist if anyone in your household has allergies or sensitivities. Keep these individuals away from the treated areas for the period of time recommended by the specialists.


Just like how you prepare your home to eliminate cockroaches, you should do the same for ant problems. Ants are attracted to food particles. So, you must clean your home thoroughly to remove all food residuals. Clean all kitchen surfaces and cupboards. If you have food products, keep them in containers with a tightly closed lids. You do not want the ants to be distracted by the scents of other foods. You want them to go for the ant bait instead so they can be lured and killed effectively.


Termites usually work in clusters. The pest control specialists will inspect and mark the affected areas. You need to remove furniture and appliances away from the walls. If the infected areas are in your closet, then you have to remove your clothes from the closet and cover them.


Mice and rats live in groups. They seldom exist alone. That means if you see one, then there is likely a group of them hiding in your house somewhere. Check your walls for any holes, and check your doors for damaged corners where the rodents could have entered. Rodents can go through even small holes, so do not assume that a hole is too small for them to go through. You must seal all cracks and holes properly to minimize the chance of rodents coming back in.


Bedbugs live in fabric, and they can live in your beds. Remove linings and fabric material, and launder them in hot water. Remove all toys and cushions, and place them under direct sunlight to kill the bedbugs. After the area is treated, wait until the recommended amount of time has passed before you return the toys and cushions to the area. If you do not follow instructions carefully, you give the bedbugs a chance to return.

Instructions After the Pest Control Visit

The pest control specialist will give you instructions on what to do after the treatment. Follow these instructions carefully. Keep your house clean to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Keep children and pets away from the baits and treated area for the duration of the recommended period.


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