BeveragesThirst Quenching Ginger Switchel

Thirst Quenching Ginger Switchel

This is a very old drink that dates back to colonial times. It is also called Haymaker’s punch because it is what they would drink during the hard and very hot work of haying. This quenches the thirst and helps to add back some of what is lost when you are working hard and sweating out a lot of potassium, glucose and sodium from your body.

It has both molasses and honey which help to replace lost glucose, molasses has a few different minerals in it like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and a small amount of potassium. It also contains cider vinegar which has the same minerals and a small amount of sodium.
 Thirst Quenching Ginger Switchel

This is what they probably used as we use Gatorade, to replace electrolytes while they were working hard. I think it would probably taste really good since it has the ginger and molasses in it and it would be a much more natural way to quench your thirst  since it has all real foods, and herbs. Eating Well shares the recipe. Make up a pitcher and see how well it quenches your thirst during the long hot days of summer, even if you are not out in the fields haying I bet it will still taste amazingly good. Eating Well shares the recipe to make this ginger switchel.

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Melissa Francis
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