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Never Throw Out Citrus Peels – Ideas Of What To Do With Them

Don’t throw out  those citrus peels, there are so many helpful uses for them. Here is a collection of ideas to get you started. Ideas from cleaners to sorbet to help you use your citrus peel. You pay for it why not use it rather than tossing it into the garbage. There is sure to be at least one idea that will work for you in the collection of ideas.

everybody likes sandwiches

Citrus Wallop Fruit Salad Recipe

If you make this delicious salad you will have some citrus peels to get started with.

Candied Citrus Peel Candy

Body & Soul: Citrus Scrub

After clicking the website link below look to the bottom on the page

5 Great Grilling Flavor Boosters

Homemade Citrus Scouring Scrub Recipe Any citrus peels should work. To make your own Citrus Scouring Scrub you will need the following: 3 tbsp dried, ground citrus peels 3 tbsp borax 5 tbsp baking soda Combine all ingredients in an old shaker container (such as an old Parmesan container) and sprinkle wherever you needed.  Use a wet sponge or cleaning rag to scrub over the area where you sprinkled the cleaner.  Wipe up all of the cleaner.

Orange Peel Sorbet Recipe

Now you can make use of all those peels that usually just get thrown in the trash.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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