Pest ControlTick Repellent Recipe & How To Remove A Tick

Tick Repellent Recipe & How To Remove A Tick

This is an all natural essential oils tick repellent recipe that suitable for humans and dogs only.

Ticks are part of the species known as arachnids or eight-legged insects. The tick needs to find a host to feed on its blood in order to proceed on to the next stage in its life cycle. A tick that is unable to find a host will surely die. A female tick needs to feed on the blood of its host in order to be able to lay its eggs and for them to hatch. While most ticks can latch on to just any host and engorge on its blood, the female Deer Tick actually needs the blood of the White-tail Deer in order to lay its eggs.

Once a tick finds its first host and sucks the blood from the host until it is engorged, it drops off and molts. This molting is the beginning of the second stage of its life cycle. Some ticks do not need to drop off its host in order to molt and can continue to feed off the host into adulthood.

Common Types of Ticks

While ticks can be found most anywhere they are definitely not all the same. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with characteristics that are unique to the family the belong to. Ticks are categorized into three different families; Nutalliellidae, Hard Tick and Soft Tick.

Most common ticks that are found in The United States are: American dog tick, Blacklegged tick, Brown dog tick, Gulf Coast tick, Lone star tick, Rocky Mountain wood tick, Western blacklegged tick (Click here to identify)

Nutalliellidae – This family is made up of just a single species of tick. They have eight legs like all arachnids do. They are predominantly found in Southern Africa including; Tanzania, South Africa and Namibia. This tick is strikingly different from the two families of ticks.

Hard Tick – The Ixodidae or hard tick family make up over 700 varieties of known ticks in the world. The major characteristic of these types of ticks is the hard shell or shield that makes it difficult to crush one as it crawls away. Another characteristic of the Ixodidae is the scutum projecting from of tick, so that it latches on to the host.

Soft Tick – The Argasidae or soft tick family is much smaller than that of the Ixodidae with only 200 varieties. The Argasidae is much different than the hard tick in that it does not have a scutum, rather it has a capitulum that is located underneath its body.

Tick Repellent Recipe & How To Remove A Tick

Diseases Often Associated with Ticks

When a tick finds a suitable host and latches on and begins feeding it injects a foreign substance into the host. The substance varies depending on the variety of the tick. Some ticks carry very dangerous viruses and spread it to the host. One of the most serious comes from the Australian Paralysis Tick. Once the substance is injected into the host, it will bring on paralysis if not treated properly. Other ticks carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Colorado Tick Fever.

I always have a LICE COMB in my car after hikes so I can run it through each one of my dogs hair to check for ticks before allowing them inside my truck. Honestly, I always do a second closer inspection before allowing my dogs into my home. It is worth the time and effort to double check yourself and your pets.

AS It says in the photo, this is only safe for humans and dogs !


Here is the Tick Repellant Essential Oil recipe:

20 drops Lemongrass essential oil – (Buy Here)

20 drops Eucalyptus essential oil – (Buy Here)

4 oz. of Water

If you want to give your Tick Repellant recipe a double power boost – add:

10 drops of Tea Tree essential oil – (Buy Here)

Here is a good article that also shares some useful tips:

Here is also a detailed infographic of how to remove a tick.

how to remove a tick
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