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Tiles with a wonderful stone look

Marble, granite, sandstone – nature is very generous and creative in stones with very different colors and properties. Since always, the various structures of floor tiles or decorative wall tiles are among the most important elements of interior design. As part of the garden layout and traditional walkway slab, natural stone is known anyway and omnipresent.

If you have refrained from the use of material stone so far because you are concerned about the intensive care of these natural elements in and around your home, we have wonderful news for you. New technology in combination with high-quality porcelain stoneware makes it possible to create stone-effect tiles that can not be differentiated from original stone tiles.

What looks can be created?

Stones exist in all sorts of different colors and patterns. Hence, each tile is a unique piece, because the natural selection is huge. It ranges from the noble white marble of Carrara to the dark basalt structures near volcanoes. Between these contrasts, the choice for natural stone is enormous. Modern stone-effect tiles mimic all these looks perfectly and one can choose from a waste selection of tones, colors, and patterns.

Besides that, when choosing stone-effect tiles, you don’t have to clarify whether your desired stone is suitable for your project. Porcelain stoneware is ideal to combine the visual luxury of natural stone with the practicality and flexibility of the modern architecture. Today’s stone-effect tiles are of high quality. They are suitable for all rooms and convince with properties such as high slip resistance, abrasion resistance, and their robust character as far as influences by water, cleaning agents or mechanical loads are concerned.

At the same time, the digitally created decors with their deceptively real details ensure that the modern version of wall tiles and floor tiles in marble look, granite-look, or slate look is created from porcelain stoneware for your exclusive room ideas.

Tiles with stone look

How do I install stone-effect floor tiles?

Normal size porcelain stoneware tiles in natural stone look are laid the same way as any other tiles. Depending on the room, you should use special adhesives and joint fillers. The requirements change when you choose porcelain stoneware stone-effect tiles in a big format. Here we strongly recommend paying attention to professional laying and use the appropriate working material.

If you use large tile slabs as a seamless shower wall, take special attention to the preparation of the substrate so that your shower will be perfectly waterproof. Ask our consultants about the appropriate accessories and tips for the best installation option. Stone-effect floor tiles are perfect in combination with floor heating.

Stone-effect tiles are low maintenance and versatile

Stone-effect tiles are made of through-hardened and resilient porcelain stoneware and have a very low water absorption. These characteristics remain the same for all decors. Whether you choose a granite look or the delicate marble textures, your choice does not make a difference with the technical properties of the porcelain stoneware. You will get a robust wall tile, patio tile, and, of course, attractive floor tiles in stone that look polished or unpolished. The material is frost-proof and does not form stains. You do not need to regularly impregnate or rework it in a costly manner.

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