HomesteadingTimber Rafting Down River 7 Day Family Adventure

Timber Rafting Down River 7 Day Family Adventure

This Timber Rafting Down River 7 Day Family Adventure is actually quite inspiring story of a homesteading family getting back to nature during their vacation.

Timber Rafting Down River 7 Day Family Adventure

Klarälven, or “the clear river,” runs through Norway and Sweden. Klarälven is the longest river in Scandinavia, let alone the longest river in Sweden, and is sourced from the Rogen Lake, also straddling between the Norwegian-Swedish border. It is a place for sport fishing and canoeing. The river has played a major role in Sweden’s logging industry and power stations, which is why it makes sense for a trip down the Klarälven via a timber raft.

For the raft, roll logs into the water and tie them up, which is what sea beggars are known to do in their rafting. 150 3x3m logs were used in making the raft, about 5 hours. It is a multi-day trek, which means building a tent to sleep in for shelter, as well as cooking. Have a canoe tied up in front. Going downstream, the only paddling is to get away from the banks and hanging trees. That’s a lot of time to sleep, but a lot of time to kill by playing games and watching wildlife fly or swim by. At night, find good ground to set up camp on.

The last end is the city of Karlstad, but some go out at Lake Vänern or the providence of Värmland. This wonderful river conjoined to Norway is one of interesting sight and fitting to copy Medieval Sweden to carve a timber raft for sailing. There are tour guides who will help build and show the way of a natural camping retreat.

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