HomesteadingTiny House Building and Living Inside

Tiny House Building and Living Inside

Tiny House Building and Living Inside is a new way of living, to turn our backs on consumerism….. live with less.

Tiny House Building and Living Inside

People want to downsize on many things and one of them is the house itself. Building a tiny house will be much cheaper than one of average size. The smaller the home, the less money is needed for upkeep.

A tiny home is also perfect for that one person alone or a couple at most and it can be built with a lot less material and labor. There is no need for big ladders as the home would be of human size height, the walls can be made with recycled wood, and flooring would only cost $75 at most.

It is a minimalist style that can be built in a short period of time.

There are pros and cons in such a small house, but for those who are into the small style, the workload is light for a good-looking inside.

One con is the lack of privacy, as there are no doors inside the home except to leave it. And, if things litter up, the space is sucked up with it, taking it up all of the suitable room with it for all of the necessary objects to stock up on.

A tiny home could lead to being a homestead and grow crops right outside, also saving money on groceries.This includes mason jars, cans, a variety of seed packets,and a small fridge & freezer or a five gallon bucket with non-perishable foods that can last a long time.

Overall, living in a small home involves a lot of labor, creation, and suppleness in what to do in the space.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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