Tiny House Cabin Free Wood Pallet DIY Project

This Tiny House Cabin Free Wood Pallet DIY Project inspires all of us to reach out towards that affordable downsizing dream. Here is how it can be attainable with time, hard work and motivation. Half the battle is finding a plan that can be followed through.

Tiny House Cabin Free Wood Pallet DIY Project - Homesteading - Frugal Living

Tiny homes are still one of the most preferred types of homes by an ever-growing segment of the population. These people are looking to downsize their overall environmental footprint.

Tiny homes basically range in size between 200 to 400 sq ft and many of the plans have them built in trailer frames so they can be pulled.

This DIY project is different in that it calls for it to be built on a platform attached to the ground.

This Do It Yourself project was created and shared by the author was designed to help other fellow DIYers who also subscribed to the saying “less is more” concept of the tiny home. The plan that is introduced inside the article describes everything that is needed along with all of the recycled wooden shipping pallets that are necessary to have on hand.

It also includes an easy to follow instructional guide.

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