HomesteadingTiny House Homesteading Town Wants You

Tiny House Homesteading Town Wants You

This tiny house homesteading town wants you to move there, that is Spur Texas, a town that has made it super easy and inexpensive to buy a fully equipped land lot.   Spur Texas is embracing the Tiny House movement and you should too not only because it may prove to be peace of mind but also because a lot of people want to cut down their cost of living and invest that same money somewhere substantial and worthwhile.

Due to expensive living expenses, the trend of living in big suburban houses is slowly declining and the preferences shifting to small compact houses that are not only easy to manage but also not very expensive to maintain.   This concept of tiny houses to a whole new level and the proof of it can be seen at the town of Spur in Texas. The man behind this extraordinary business is David along with his two other partners Randy and Corey Witters. David was an entrepreneurial and was the founder of many big companies.

On average, a private lot will go for $500-$1,800 and lots owned by the city go for as little as $500 each and the cost of hiring local help to build the foundation, secure the home and connect to utilities is $3,000.

The interview with David talks about what inspired him to move to a small town of Spur Texas (population of roughly 1,000 people) and start of this amazing project. He further goes on to discuss the potential of this housing project and what it could to a small town like Texas. When one comes to think about it, although life in the metropolitan cities is rather glamorous and very happening and when you are young the whole lifestyle seems rather appealing.

Tiny House Homesteading Town Wants You

As you grow up and reach your thirties or forties you realize that there are some things that money can’t buy such as peace of mind, happiness and serenity in life and you often start to wish for a small town, low profile sort of life. These housing projects is just for these kind of people and as you read along you will see that David’s life is also sort of an example of what is mentioned above. Here is a link that takes you straight to Spur Texas town’s website – (click here)

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Melissa Francis
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