GardeningTips about Repotting Houseplants for Better Growth

Tips about Repotting Houseplants for Better Growth

These quick tips about re-potting houseplants for better growth will help your houseplants flourish with good health.

It is important that plants are re-potted and moved into larger containers. If house plants are not moved to other pots, then the plant’s roots can become pot-bound and the roots of the plant become cramped and form a tightly packed mass that inhibits and stuns their growth.
 Tips about Repotting Houseplants for Better Growth

• Re-potting a house plant can involve several steps.
• Choosing a container
• Analyzing the plant (For example if it is a pot-bound plant)
• Choosing potting mix
• Re-potting the plant

We can choose bigger pots for plants that actively grow and have more chances of becoming pot-bound. Once we select a pot we need to analyze the plant after removing it from the first pot. Careful pruning of the roots is a significant step in the process of re-potting.

Cleaning the new pot in which the plant has to be introduced now. Adding soil and filling the pot with the plant also needs to be done with great care. Adding water, positioning, settling and trimming the plant are essential for the fine growth of the plant.

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