Tips and Recipe to Make Perfect Macaroni Salad

Tips to Make Perfect Macaroni Salad

With summer coming this is a timely recipe. Learn how to make perfect macaroni salad with these simple tips. Once you see this recipe and the tips to make it you will never have oily or blah macaroni salad again.

Tips to Make Perfect Macaroni Salad

I have made macaroni salad many times over the years and while we love macaroni salad in the summer, it seemed like every time I would make it the chance it would turn out really good instead of just ok macaroni salad varied greatly. Sometimes when I make it I have to keep adding mayo because it ends up really dry. Or the mayo seems to end up looking clumpy and kind of pasted to the pasta.

Or if I rinsed the pasta after cooking but before adding the mayo to prevent the clumping paste like problem then the mayo would simply slide right off the pasta and again while the salad was ok it wasn’t delicious.

In this video of macaroni salad making from Food Wishes you will learn how to avoid all of the problems that can make your macaroni sale less than perfect. About the only thing I will change when I make this recipe is I may replace the vinegar with dill pickle juice, only because I like pickle juice in my salads. You could also add some tuna or those little baby shrimps to this add some bread rolls and call it a meal.