Raising LivestockTips for How to Raise Homesteading Pigs

Tips for How to Raise Homesteading Pigs

These tips for how to raise homesteading pigs will help homesteaders understand the variety of requirements that you need to increase the weight of healthy pigs. A 200 pound pig (live weight) will give about 55 pounds of hams and shoulder, 40 pounds of bacon and loin, plus lard, sausage, pigs feet which can really help towards feeding a family of three for a year.

Tips for How to Raise Homesteading Pigs

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It is extremely easy to raise pigs as they aren’t as fussy, so if you’re thinking of raising pigs, here’s how:

Buy piglets:

I believe you should buy healthy piglets that are almost 8 weeks of age, then you don’t have to worry about their starter feed. They have stronger immune systems so even if you have to pay a little more, you should know that healthier pigs are worth it!

Their space:

You need to understand that small spaces given to them are better initially as it ensures faster growth. When piglets are young, it’s better to keep them in a cattle panel, hog panel or pallet pen. Fences are a bad option because they have the possibility to run out, but as the pigs grow and are large in size.


Avoid processed pig food with medications because this may prove harmful for their growth. You can get them pre-made feed along with fresh pumpkin, forage turnips and beets; they should also have lots of fresh milk intake to guarantee tasteful meat.


Don’t go for chemicals, just put in 1lb of garlic granulates in their food along with oregano oil. This prevents insects from growing in their food, giving them a safe food intake.

Weight and butcher:

Usually when pigs are 180-250 pounds, they are butchered resulting in 160-225lb hanging meat. The entire process is of three days, you kill and hang your pig on the first day, skin it and cut it the second day and the third day is usually sausage processing.

Now that you know that your homestead pig is healthy, you know it will taste a lot better than supermarket meat, so make yourself some delicious pork, dig in your forks and enjoy!

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