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Tips for Saving Energy


Over the past decade humans exploited all earth resources, which in return reflected back negatively in all forms of pollution and the overall population health. Thankfully, many voices are rising to speak of WISE consumption of energy. Saving energy means saving time, money, and efforts; above all giving thanks and taking care of our only home EARTH. Here are some tips that will inspire you to build small habits to save energy on daily basis.


Saving electricity can start with simple acts of turning off any lights that you don’t need especially when you have daylight to use instead. Generally speaking turn off anything small or big that you are not using (fan/AC/electric stove). Additionally, when you buy new electric appliances try choosing the ones with the lowest power consumption.


Reducing water consumption is easy; simply turn off the tap when you are not using it while brushing your teeth, washing your face, taking a shower, or doing the dishes. When you wash fruits or vegetables reuse that water in basically anything handy such as watering your plants. Last but not least, fix any kind of leaks as soon as they occur.


During winter time one can stay cozy and warm and still lower heat consumption. Here is a small list of how to do that.

  • Heat the only the room you are using
  • Add more clothes layers
  • Turn off the heat and use more blankets at night
  • Allow sunlight to enter inside the house to keep you warm


Insulating your house might be one of the best ways to save energy, and yield results in the long run. With proper insulation, you can make sure you will be using less energy in your home, and utilizing it as much as possible. Many homeowners that have large buildings in their yard decide to save energy on them as well. They achieve this goal with proper maintenance, and some of them even try insulating a pole barn to maximize their energy saving.


Each day numerous amounts of toxic gases are released from our vehicles into the air. Taking a walk or using your bike for going into nearby places will not only reduce your fuel consumption, but will be more beneficial for your health. Moreover, when using your car drive slowly, reduce any extra weight, and do regular check-ups for your engine to keep maximum efficiency.




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