DIY ProjectsTips For Using Chalk Paint

Tips For Using Chalk Paint

Tips for using chalk paint. I am sure you have seen the furniture that has become so popular. Where it is distressed and made to look old. If you like that look and would like to refinish some furniture to look like it then this article will help.

Tips For Using Chalk Paint

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Chalk paint is usually sealed with wax after you have painted and done any distressing that you may wish to do although you don’t have to distress or wax. You can leave the paint whole and seal with a water based poly if you wish. I like the look of the chalk paint because it almost looks chalky, as if when you would rub your fingers across it you would have powdery dry paint on them. I don’t care for the distressed look, where they scuff parts of the furniture to make it look sort of beaten up. I do like the softness of the paint, it is sort of a matte finish and it looks soft. If it is a color other than white it is usually a pale soft looking color and I really love it. If you like it but don’t know how to use chalk paint Canary Street Crafts can help you get started with lots of tips and advice.


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