Food Storage & SkillsTips for Proper Rotation of Food Storage Pantry

Tips for Proper Rotation of Food Storage Pantry

These simple tips for proper rotation of your food storage pantry will help organize, guide through rotating and replenishing your inventory. Food storage rotation is simply the action of rotating the food storage you have now into your daily cooking and baking needs then replacing it with newer items.

  • Rotation helps you circulate out and use the products you’ve had on your shelves and bring in newer products to replace what you’ve used.

  • Items that have been on the shelves longer in the front, while items that have just purchased are placed behind them.

  • As you buy food storage, store each kind of food in the same place. Arrange containers in rows so you can see at a glance how much of each food you have.

  • Use stacked buckets for sugar, flour, rice, brown sugar, noodles, popcorn, corn meal, oats and other bulk staples.

  • Make your food storage easy to get – out of sight is definitely out of mind.

  • You may want to make different sections for how the food way preserved: dehydrated foods, freeze dried, aluminum cans, glass canning jars, 5 gallon buckets and vacuum sealed bags.

  • Clearly mark and date expiration dates on all items.

  • Do not forget to store water – check every 6 months and refill if needed.

  • If possible, keep your storage in a place like a basement that has minimal light, moisture and heat. Its recommended that food storage is kept at 70 degrees.

  • Check every 6 months for insects, mice or other pests that may have attacked your food storage. Bay leaves placed among your food storage repels insects.

  • Make sure it’s easily accessible during an emergency

  • Buying in bulk saves money ( Food prices are rising )

  • Creating meals in a jar is a frugal way to make quick easy to make meals (avoid high priced boxed mixes at the grocery store)  * I can not stress this concept enough *

Tips for Proper Rotation of Food Storage Pantry

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