CleanersToilet Bowl Urine Training Trick for Toddlers Teenage Boys & Drunk Men

Toilet Bowl Urine Training Trick for Toddlers Teenage Boys & Drunk Men

This Toilet Bowl Urine Training Trick for Toddlers, Teenage Boys & Drunk Men is a funny concept to get them to focus their urine stream to the center of the toilet bowl subconsciously. IT WORKS!

Toilet Bowl Urine Training Trick for Toddlers Teenage Boys & Drunk Men - The Homestead Survival - Potty Training

When my son was a young toddler, he had issues with his aim making me cringe because I had to clean the bathroom daily or the bathroom smelled like a cat litter box.

As a teenager during puberty, he often woke up with a morning erection making it difficult to once again hit the toilet dead center with his urine arch. We are speaking plainly and truthful – sorry if I offended anyone.

Once again being honest, my husband has come home on occasion…intoxicated (drunk as a skunk). He had a slightly difficult time aiming to relieve himself as well.

Being the only female in a house where males outnumber I decided to work smarter – not harder with less nagging.



1. Turn off water and empty toilet bowl by flushing repeatedly. Sometimes there is a water shut off knob right behind the toilet.

2. The toilet bowl must be completely dry. This is extremely important.

3. Paint red dot in the lower center mass of the toilet bowl with fingernail polish or with this specialty designed sticker “Potty Training Bullseye Decal”.

4. Allow the large fingernail polish dot to dry completely. Do not rush this step.

5. Turn the water back on and resume normal use of the toilet.

Your male family members and friends will “center” their aim subconsciously without even really thinking about it. The person your bathrooms will rejoice in the streets, almost feeling like throwing a party.


Here is a BONUS Tip: Mix Baking Soda and Lemon Juice to make a wet paste. Spread it around the base of your toilet and anywhere that urine may splatter. Let sit for 10 minutes. Using vinegar and an old cleaning rag in a spray bottle to wipe up the “baking soda paste”.


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