Household TipsToilet Paper Alternatives You Should Check Out 

Toilet Paper Alternatives You Should Check Out 

Toilet Paper Alternatives You Should Check Out

Toilet paper supplies have decreased immensely with the rising number of COVID-19 pandemic. People are, however, prompted to seek toilet paper alternatives and ensure that they maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

Some of these toilet paper alternatives are eco-friendly, which means that you should use them at all times despite the epidemic.

It is worth noting, however, that most of these alternatives are not flushable.

That said, let’s get started!

1. Baby Wipes

The type of wet wipes you intend to use will depend on your skin sensitivity. People with sensitive skin should opt for baby wipes since they are non-sensitive.

Meanwhile, some people perceive wet wipes as more effective than toilet paper due to the water-based attribute.

However, it’s worth noting that wet wipes are relatively expensive compared to toilet paper. Dispose of them correctly after use and do not flush unless labeled ‘flushable.’

2. Sanitary pad

Sanitary pads are excellent toilet paper alternatives. They are soft and absorbent, although much thicker than toilet paper.

Because sanitary pads can be costly, some will prefer using the reusable sanitary pads. These can washable and work the same way as toilet paper. Those who have used them before can attest to their comfortable nature.

In the meantime, refrain from flushing sanitary pads – the type regardless. Instead, dispose of them in a trash can.

3. Reusable cloth

Again, these are reusable toilet paper alternatives. People who are comfortable with washing can opt for this. It is thicker than toilet paper, and as such, a person can use less of it.

Sadly, this alternative exposes you to the risk of infections as they are likely to harbor bacteria, including germs. However, it would help if you thoroughly wash the cloth and put it in direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, sanitize your hands before and after using the reusable cloth.

4. Towels and washcloths

Usually, towels and washcloths are thicker than toilet paper, therefore consider making smaller strips from your old towel or even washcloth. You may alternatively buy a pack of rags to save you the hassle of washing, while also reducing the risks of infection.

Towels and washcloths are a standard version of family cloth, meaning they are more vulnerable to pathogens. Therefore, disinfecting them before washing can be of significance.

Also, washing your hands thoroughly before and after using the towels will help prevent the transmission of infections.

5. Sponges

Just like sanitary pads, sponges are also absorbent. Adapting to this alternative can be a daunting prospect, especially if you lack patience. In practice, first wet the sponge then wring out the water to enhance softness.

Refrain from using a sponge after having a long call. Also, each member of the family should have a separate sponge to prevent infections.

Note that not all sponges are washable in the washable machine as they may tear apart. Sponges are more expensive than wet wipes despite being reusable.




  1. I can see using some of these in a pinch, but there was NO mention of how to clean & sterilize the cloth/sponge ones. Is bleach enough? Hot water? Using paper is a better way to assure there is less germ disease spread.


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