DIY ProjectsToilet Tank Top Garden DIY Project

Toilet Tank Top Garden DIY Project

How to build a Toilet Tank Top Garden DIY Project is a creative twist on in home gardening. Give it a shot and look through the tutorial before you shake your head “No” quite yet. Yes, it is different but often this is how you find new cool things.

Toilet Tank Top Garden DIY Project

This project uses many items that are already present in the toilet to create this piece of genius. In addition to that, a few items like scrap wood, acrylic sheet, terrycloth towel, some screws and a few other items you can find from further reading. It is a relatively inexpensive project both in terms of cash and time.

The toilet cover is replaced by an acrylic material which is cut in the shape of the discarded ceramic and bent in the right places to create a planting bowl – like profile for the new cover. Holes are also put in to wick in water from the water closet and microfiber cloth was the wick of choice. The soil type chosen was a mixture of vermiculite and perlite as well as that which came with the potted plants.

This particular project was aimed at creating a self replenishing toilet space. As the name implies, the ultimate goal is to bring a garden into the toilet, thereby combining two of the best thinking spaces in one room. The produce from the garden like aloes, lemon balm and the likes acts as a source of supplies for the medicine cabinet while jasmine acts as a natural air freshener.

Other little precautions like ascertaining whether the wick makes it into the water can be the thin line between success and failure. The result is worth checking out.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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