Garden BedsTomato Trellis Ideas for Easier Homestead Gardening

Tomato Trellis Ideas for Easier Homestead Gardening

Theses amazing tomato trellis ideas for easier homestead gardening with use less precious garden space, easier to pick and produce a cleaner plump tomato.

Tomato Trellis Ideas for Easier Homestead Gardening

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Let’s discover the use of the tomato trellis system, a system on raising tomatoes by hanging the plant on wooden planks. The author argues his system is taller and stronger against windy conditions. There are six reasons why we should raise high tomato plants.

It means more tomatoes, easier access in picking out tomatoes, less disease, rodent damage, and wasted when raised, and much cleaner. A combination of health and physical reasons into raising these tomatoes would make it easier for farmers, especially when choosing what trellis to use for their plants.

Next, the article goes into detail with the five ideas. First, gardeners could use wind resistant post combination using wood and steel to keep the tomatoes high and stable. Second, farmers could use cattle panels and strings. It’s lightweight and flexible, and the creation of curves
allow the plants to grow right around them so they don’t rattle when the wind blows.

Third, gardeners could recycle old wooden pallets and retie them for a smaller trellis.

Fourth, the trellis could be built as an archway.

And finally, there is the VineSpine, a constructed hedge that is versatile for vines to go through. Gardeners who struggle building a trellis could by the VineSpine as an instant installment for their garden.

The article is planter-friendly for those who like their tomatoes naturally grown.

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