ChickensTop Garden Herbs to Grow for Chickens

Top Garden Herbs to Grow for Chickens

These Top Garden Herbs to Grow for Chickens has a wide variety of physical and emotional benefits for our feathered chicken flock.

Top Garden Herbs to Grow for Chickens

Here are some positive effects of herbs:

Chickweed is a natural pain reliever for your flock.

Dandelion leaves and flowers is delicious to chickens and helps brightly color their eggs.

Bee Balm aids in digestive system.

Mint has a calming effect on chickens but do not feed in the winter because it lowers body temperture. Great in the summer time during high tempertures.

Oregano has antibacterial properties and is full of vitamins, calcium and antioxidants that support a healthy immune and respiratory system.

Lavender acts as a stress reliever for the birds to make them feel safer, helping them lay eggs well.

Comfrey and Calendula, both have healing abilities and are great for bone health.

Thyme helps keep pests away and has antibiotics that defend against respiratory infections.

Parsley contains vitamins A, B, C, E and K, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Chickens can not get enough of this herb.

Sage flushes interanl parasites which keeps chickens immune system strong so they can fight off diseases.

Most herbs are easy to grow and they genenerally are not selective about their type of soil they grow in, They can live on on a combanation of degrees of water and sunlight. In addition, many herbs are perennials – once planted, they would continue to produce for years, and most herbs spread rapidly. Herbs have beneficial effects on the health and livelihood of poultry birds as well as people too, as they are useful in cooking and also for their healing abilities. The use of herbs depends on the type of herb, and the specific benefits you are looking to achieve.

Lemongrass is a strong fly repellant which is a huge issue in any chicken coop.

Bonus Tip: Pumpkins – let the chickens eat every part of the pumpkin to get the benefits of a natural de-wormer. They will just love you for it…. huge treat for them.

Although majority of herbs are good and safe for poultry birds, be sure to know which ones might OR may not be suitable for them.

Some beneficial herbs like thyme, basil, mint, parsley and many more, can either be given to the chickens fresh for eating, or by hanging in bunches around the coop for the birds to pick at.

Aromatic herbs can also be used bunches around the coop or mixed in their dust bath, or sprinkled in their nest boxes to keep pests away and help the birds also.

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