Totally Off Grid Floating Self Sustained Home


        Take a video tour of Freedom Cove, a totally off grid, self-sustained,floating home in the wilderness off Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. They had greenhouses for growing their own fruits and vegetables and get their fresh water from a waterfall in summer and from rain fall in the winter months. Wayne Adams and Catherine King  live on the twelve platform floating home and gardens that they built back in 1992. Both are carvers and sell their carvings and candles in  Tofino. They also welcome visitors as long as the boat can get there. So who all would like to live off grid on a floating home in the wilderness for years and years? They have children as well. The also have a plate of glass in their living room floor which I think would be almost as good as a television. The Daily Mail has a great article with loads of pictures of different parts of the floating home.


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