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Training of a Dog To Hunt for Animal Antlers

The training of a dog to hunt for animal antlers (sheds) is chronicled through one homesteaders experience with his own dog, Booner. When it comes to training a hunting dog it is best to choose a dog that already shows a degree of desire to hunt. While many dogs can easily be trained for hunting live prey, it takes a special type of training when it comes searching for shedded antlers.

Training of a Dog To Hunt for Animal Antlers

Certain breeds of dogs can be trained for a wide variety of tasks, while some breeds are capable of carrying out tasks due to instinct that is ingrained into the breed.

The author of this article wrote this as a follow up to an article that covered the first year of their current dog training process. Since there are many breeds of dogs that are bred specifically for hunting and with the right type of training, they could easily be turned into a shed hunting dogs. We just a little bit of knowledge on how to train a dog and with all the information in the article most anyone should be able to teach their dog to hunt for shed antlers.

Shed antlers are also worth more than you may think. You can cash in on antler sales. World-class, free-range shed antlers sell for hundreds of dollars and you can sell a pile of garden-variety antlers by the pound.

A Colorado antler broker, large sets of whitetail antlers (160” and up) in best condition (Grade A Brown) will go for around $18 per lb. For brown and white antlers in good condition (the majority of sheds you’ll find) it’s $6-$11 per lb. Old, chalk-white deer antlers might get you $1 per lb. Brown and white elk sheds are going $6-$11. These prices can change from week to week so please understand they are not fixed.

Benefits of reading and following Training My Dog To Shed Hunt – Year Two Article

● You will find a recap of the first year’s training routine

● The article includes an in depth explanation of what type training regime they use

● It goes into detail on what stages of training is the most successful

Click here to read about how to train your dog to hunt for fallen animal horns (sheds):

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