Natural RemediesTree Bark and Leaves for Medical Healing Purposes

Tree Bark and Leaves for Medical Healing Purposes

Tree Bark and Leaves for Medical Healing Purposes

The article ” Tree Bark and Leaves for Medical Healing Purposes” was designed to educate the reader about all of the many medicinal uses of many different species of trees found all over the US.

Tree Bark and Leaves for Medical Healing Purposes

While trees can be found literally all over the US and have been the source for wood building material and for providing a source of heat in the cold, winter months. However, there is an infinite number of medicinal uses for these same trees and they could end up saving your life in a whole different way. The tree is very complex and every part of the tree has its own unique way of being beneficial from the bark and leaves on the outside to the sap and food fibers on the inside.

Quassia tree’s wood bitter extractive expels parasites, reduce fever and is water soluble.

Birch twigs (chewed) to relieve headache and pain possess concentrations of salicylic acid, the predecessor of aspirin.

Willows (Salix spp.) also contain the pain-reducing acid.

Allspice tree berries are added to medicines as a carminative that aids in expelling gas to relieve colic.

Balsam poplar bears buds coated with a gooey fragrant substance that when applied externally, it helps heal wounds.

Cascara buckthorn tree bark is dried and ground into a fine powder for medicinal use as an effective laxative or purgative.

Dogwood tree has a medicine made from the bark that has been substituted for quinine to treat malaria cases.

* * * Benefits of reading the Survival 101: How to use trees for medicinal purposes

* ~ Discover about the many medicinal uses for a wide range of species of trees and what are the best parts of the trees

* ~ The author describes in great detail how each species of tree can be used to treat a number of different illnesses and conditions

* ~ The author also explains which part of each of the trees is where the most benefit can be derived

* ~ There are many different full-color pictures inside that help to provide a good visual reference of the article

The author of the article has an extremely large amount of knowledge regarding the benefits of the many species of trees and shares it with all of the readers. They describe how each part of the tree can use for medicinal purposes and describe what characteristics are possessed by which different species of trees.

All of the information is written in a way that makes sure that it is not too technical and does not overwhelm the reader.

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