ChickensTriple C Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Building Project

Triple C Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Building Project

The Triple C Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Building Project is a simple yet highly effective way to create a sturdy living quarters for your chicken flock…. maybe even a duck or two.

Triple C Homesteading Chicken Coop DIY Building Project

First, dig out an area of 8’x12’and place 4’x4 framing. Next, put a full hardware cloth layer underneath the framing to prevent predators digging up and under the whole coop. Then, use zip ties to attach the hardware cloth and frame the walls. Use untreated 2″x4″s for the rest of the framing. The coop’s front wall should be at least 7” and the back wall should be at least 6”. Afterwards, place the framing up.

Use 4’x8′ plywood for flooring andput some hardware cloth up in the coop’s run. Build some open panels to make it easier to place sand in the run. Construct the door using 1″x4″s and make two door frames and inserted hardware cloth in between the two layers. When finished, it should have the same thickness as the 2″x4″. Next, cut out the holes for the coop’s windows, vents, nest box doors, and pop door before putting up the walls. Add 2″x2″ strips for the roof; then, do the trimming around all the openings. Use the trim as framing for the vent door to slide the doors and hinge the windowsto swing them open.

For the coop’s ramp, geta 6’10 plank and use the leftover scrap 1″x4″s as 1-inch sections. Use risersto set the 2″x4″s on the flat side and place them 18-inches above the ground from the door. Thewooden scrapsshould be placed in front and behind the 2″x4″sto remove the need to screw or nail them down.It makes it easier to take out, clean, and hose off. Finally, place a 30″x30″ poop tray and light – a 40-watt bulb -for egg laying, not warmth, plus a timer.

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