HolidaysTurkey Baked Fast and Moist in a Metal Can

Turkey Baked Fast and Moist in a Metal Can

Cooking turkey for a special occasion can take time. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen while the rest of the family is having fun? There’s a big military secret on how to cook the perfect bird, but fortunately this family from Nashville, Tenn. is willing to share.

Cooking a bird in a can takes a ten pound bag of charcoal, a ten gallon metal garbage can, one twelve pound turkey, and 90 minutes of cooking time. This technique was discovered by Lt. Col. J.G. McDonald, during the time he was stationed overseas. While on base it’s important to cook delicious meals, but in a minimum amount of time.

Most cooks know that the longer you leave a turkey in the oven, the greater the chances of it turning out dry and stringy. The faster it cooks, the juicier it will be. But it’s hard to maintain this balance in the oven. The turkey in a can technique needs only 90 minutes to cook fully through.

Cooking in a can creates a hot convection-style oven that keeps the moisture swirling around inside, rather than dropping to a platter underneath, like in an oven.

The turkey in the can technique is easy to learn and do. You’ll want to wash and prepare your turkey the same way that you do when baking normally. Out in the yard you’ll choose your cooking spot. This should be a permanent spot for baking, as it will destroy the grass, but once you try your turkey recipe, you’ll want to make it again and again.

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Turkey Baked Fast and Moist in a Metal Can
Turkey Baked Fast and Moist in a Metal Can

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