HerbalTurmeric-Curcuma longa and why you should be using it.

Turmeric-Curcuma longa and why you should be using it.

This spice is pretty amazing. From helping arthritis to helping with some cancers.  It is really easy to get this into your diet, You can take supplements or add it to food dishes. It is great in just about any savory dish. I add it to just about all soups, egg salad, meatloaf, Spanish rice and you can make Curries or other Indian dishes. It gives a good flavor and a pretty yellow color. When I add it to my chicken or turkey gravy, it makes it look so yummy.

photo credit jmiltenburg
photo credit jmiltenburg


Read  about all these benefits at The Worlds Healthiest Foods, I love this site,
it lists the Nutrients and health benefits and tells how to use it.
Here are just a sample of the benefits.

A Potent, Yet Safe Anti-Inflammatory
Cancer Prevention
Turmeric and Onions May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
Turmeric Teams Up with Cauliflower to Halt Prostate Cancer
Turmeric Boosts Amyloid Plaque Clearance in Human Alzheimer’s Patients

To see more and more in depth info on these benefits click on the link below.





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Melissa Francis
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