DIY ProjectsTurn a Broken Laundry Basket into a Garden Planter

Turn a Broken Laundry Basket into a Garden Planter

This simple step by step tutorial of how to turn a broken laundry basket into a garden planter container – will turn trash into treasure.

Have you ever broken something and kept it? You just couldn’t throw it away because you knew, even though it’s broken, you might be able to do something with it. That’s exactly what the author of this tutorial felt. When she found a broken laundry basket, she knew there was something she could do with it, she just didn’t know what yet.

Laundry baskets are notorious for cracking and breaking. Their sharp edges can scratch and the splits leave clothes falling out. Well, if you have one of those baskets laying around the house and you just don’t want to throw it away, this tutorial is the perfect guide for something that you can do to keep it.
You can transform your old laundry basket into a beautiful, yet simple, basket planter. These planters can decorates your porch or can be placed throughout the garden as great focal points. They can also be customized in the colors you want and even add a few extras to make them just the way you want.

All you’ll need for this project is:

– Broken Laundry Basket
– Packing Tape
– Hot Glue
– Burlap
– Rope

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Turn a Broken Laundry Basket into a Garden Planter
Turn a Broken Laundry Basket into a Garden Planter

Once you have your basket put together, you can fill it with dirt and the plant of your choice. Or, if you don’t want to place it outside, you can fill it with decorative rocks or fake plants. And, considering how beautiful the planter is, you might want it inside so you can see it more.

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