DIY ProjectsTurn an End Table Into a Mini Bar DIY Project

Turn an End Table Into a Mini Bar DIY Project

This tutorial of how to turn an end table into a mini bar diy project is a simple way to make entertaining a breeze with a easy to reach hard liquor bottles.

Turn an End Table Into a Mini Bar DIY Project

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Re purposing furniture is a fun way to save money and get your crafting skills on. It’s also helpful when you just don’t know if you should throw out that old table or not. There are some items that are problematic when trying to come up with a creative idea for re-use. End tables are one of those.


-end table (Drawer is optional)

-acrylic paint and brush

-10 qt. galvanized bucket

-fine grit sandpaper

-7″ metal circular cut off

-measuring tape




-insulating sealant foam

Here’s a creative idea for a new use for an end table. Turn your end table into a mini drink station. With some drilling and the right inserts, producing a useful accessory like a drink station, is relatively easy. The size of an end table as a mini bar is perfect for small spaces. It’s also more mobile than a typical drink table.

Since it’s wooden, a metal bucket is going to be used as an insert to hold ice and cold bottles. Tables with drawers and shelves are already set to hold glassware and bar accessories. Painting and shellacking is simple and can be done to match your décor or provide a theme look. Although not done here, consider making it a larger project and adding casters for mobility and a glass rack to stabilize it.

Once complete, it can hold at least enough supply for dinner drinks or take its place on the deck for a simple picnic. It’s also a very cute add on to the kitchen. Get some glue, your drill and measuring tape and read on to see how you can change an old accessory into a useful and attractive bar.

Click here to read about how to turn an end table into a mini bar diy project (When the pop up comes up – Just click “I do not want ideas”:

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Melissa Francis
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