Turn an Old Plow Disk Into an Outdoor Cooker


If cooking in a plow disc had a motto, it would be none other than be satisfying and simple. This form of outdoor cooker is a proof that first-rate meal only needs a solid surface for cooking, quality ingredients, and heat.

Plow disc cookers, according to Home and Gardening Ideas, are essentially shallow woks that can serve up pretty much anything you can think of, from crispy fried fish and buttery sautéed seafood, to piping hot tortillas and sizzling fajita fixings.

Making your own plow disc cooker is a very quick and easy project that only requires two handles, a plow blade, and a reliable outdoor heat source.
In case you don’t know, a plow disc is a concave metal blade on the industrial farm tillers.

It typically slides on notched axle rod and this is why a plow disc with agricultural use has a hole in its middle. In general, these plow discs has a diameter of around 22 to 24 inches. Cooking plow discs are exactly similar to real plow discs without the axle hole.

Dense and heavy, a plow disc is forged from heat-treated steel with the ability to withstand high temperatures of propane flame or cooking fire.
DIY Created shares the steps on how to make your own Plow Disc Cooker. This way, you can get started in enjoying one of a kind cooking with your own plow disc cooker.