RecipesTurn Crispy Bacon Into Bacon Jam

Turn Crispy Bacon Into Bacon Jam

If you love bacon you will love bacon jam. Take some crispy bacon and a few other ingredients and turn it into scrumptious bacon jam. Bacon is a much appreciated meat delicacy in the United States. It is often part of breakfast as well. Most often seen as long strips, it is also used in many other shapes. Some of the most common dishes prepared using bacon include the very famous bacon and eggs, sandwiches with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes; abbreviated as the BLT and other foods that are served in bacon wrapping like scallops, asparagus and shrimps.

Turn Crispy Bacon Into Bacon Jam

Food enthusiasts keep coming up with innovative recipes and some of the more latest recipes with bacon include chocolate covered bacon, chicken fried bacon, and the bacon explosion. Some people in the US also use bacon as a topping in the form of bacon bits. Pizza with a streaky bacon topping is preferred by many pizza lovers. In this post from Cooking with Caitlin, a recipe for preparing bacon marmalade or jam has been offered.

Bacon jam can be added to different dishes like pizzas, sandwiches, pancakes, English muffins and it is super tasty on cornbread. It is a perfect addition to food items that feel dry and boring. Bacon is a favourite among meat lovers and this is quite a unique and delicious way to enjoy it plus make your breakfast and lunch better than usual.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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