DIY ProjectsTurn Empty Beer Keg into Outdoor Standing Firepit Project

Turn Empty Beer Keg into Outdoor Standing Firepit Project

How to Turn Empty Beer Keg into Outdoor Standing Firepit Project without using welding tools but a bit of hardwork (elbow grease). Stay comfortable year round your newly made standing patio firepit to add ambiance to your outdoor space.

Turn Empty Beer Keg into Outdoor Standing Firepit Project

Get the following for this outdoors project:

empty & clean beer keg

coin deposit top

48 ounce can of juice with its lid on

big soup can

pizza pan

duct tape

rivets & screws

Take the green plastic ring and tap off the top of the keg. Hold up the keg’s lip with a screwdriver and crush the lip closely to slip in through the keg’s hole. Now, cut out a hole on the side at any size, but be careful, as the edges made will be very sharp. It is recommended to use an electric saw to cut through the metallic side and clean out the rest of the inside. Smooth the edges out. Then, make 8 cuts outwards on top 1 inch from the main ring and fold the tabs upwards.

On the soup can’s bottom, make a hole in the center with tin cutters and slip the soup can over the keg’s tabs. Fold them backwards over the bottom end and keep them in place with three screws to attach the tabs, can, and keg at once. Connect the pizza pan to the juice can’s bottom with screws and pour sand inside the can that can go through the holes for constancy. Next, make matching 4 holes on the keg’s bottom, tape the can and keg together, and nail through the holes through to the juice can.

Finally, place the pipe inside the soup can; make sure it fits perfectly. Try it out in the backyard to see if it functions well.

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