Turn Old Jeans Into Clothespin Bag

Turn Old Jeans Into Clothespin Bag

Turn an old pair of jeans into a clothespin bag, it will keep all your pins for you and since you are making it with some old jeans it won’t cost you anything more than a little of your time.

Turn Old Jeans Into Clothespin Bag

When you’re drying your clothes on the line, an essential item is a clothespin bag. It’s a perfect item to grab on your way out to your laundry line so all your pins will be in one place.

For some people who want to stay away from the dryer, clothespin bag are great. These will help you save money on electricity bills. Once simply is not an option for you, you may also use this bag when storing your plastic grocery bags.
If you want to make your own recycled clothespin bag, it’s not impossible. All you have to do is to follow the materials mentioned by Linda Permann on Craft Stylish.

The materials are very simple. The only things you need include a wire hanger, old jeans, pliers, rickrack, scissors, iron, and sewing machine.

If you have all of those materials and you are ready with this DIY project, then start making your clothespin bag now. You can make unique clothespin bags depending on your preferences or styles. Just play with your creativity and imagination to make the best clothespin bags idea l for your needs.