SewingTurn Oversized Shirt To Shapely Fitted Tee Frugal Project

Turn Oversized Shirt To Shapely Fitted Tee Frugal Project

How to Turn Oversized Shirt To Shapely Fitted Tee Frugal Project is a money saving skill that all homesteaders should happily learn. This is a whole new creative twist that will make thrift store or yard sale shopping take on a whole lot more options now.

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You may have a few oversized t-shirts that you would love to wear if only they could show off your shape. Instead of getting rid of the shirts that don’t fit, you can use your favorite shirt as an pattern outline, add a half inch for a seam, cut out and sew together for a fitted t-shirt.

It’s a nice sewing craft project to give a new wardrobe with just a little effort. It is a very simple project to do if you know how to sew simply.

Choose a t-shirt one size that is too big and turn the shirt inside out. Get your favorite shirt that does fits you and lay that on top of the larger shirt to line the collars and sleeves. Trace the favorite shirt with a marker on the over-sized one, and turn them both inside out. Fold the larger t-shirt in half to align the armpit. Pin the front and back of the shirts together as you sew along the traced lines. Try the shirt on; if it fits, cut off the extra fabric. If you want to work on the sleeves, mark the length with a pin, then sew and cut off. Hem both sleeves with the ends folded together.

How to Resize a T-Shirt- Altering a Shirt From Baggy to Fitted

The result is a really cool piece of clothing that does fits you perfectly.

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Melissa Francis
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