Turn Your Plain Thermacell Into A Wow Thermacell

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and the mosquitos like you then you probably already own a Thermacell insect repellant device, they work really well in case you don’t have one you may want to have one after seeing the transformation Macgyver9 gives one of them.

He will walk you through

“Step 1 – Refillable Cartridges (butane bottles)

Step 2 – Re-coating the Repellant Mats

Step 3 – DIY Thermacell Stand

Step 4 – Installing a Fuel Level Label

Step 5 – How to Make Viewing of Fuel Levels Easier

Step 6 – Make a Mat Holder Insert for the Thermacell Holster Pocket.

At the end of all this your Thermacell will be a whole new and better insect repellant device. He shares his tutorial on Instructables.



Click here for instructions:


Schawbel Corp MRGJ06-00 Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Appliance – As Seen On TV

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