Turn Your Garlic Scapes Into Spicy Relish Water Bath Canned

If you have or can get a bunch of garlic scapes then you can make this spicy garlic scape relish. Then you can water bath can it to add it to your pantry and enjoy  the relish long after the scapes are gone for the season.

Turn Your Garlic Scapes Into Spicy Relish Water Bath Canned

Garlic scapes are a long flower stem that grows up from the tops of hard necked garlic. They are usually broken off the plant so that the plants energy is directed towards producing bigger garlic bulbs. Since they are plucked in spring a lot of folks are happy to add them to the menu as one of the fist green items to come out of the garden. They have a mild garlic taste and there are many ways to prepare them.

If you miss a few scapes on your garlic the flower will form into a bunch of little garlic seeds called bulbils. You can actually plan the bulbils by taking the bunch apart and planting them in a row about an inch and a half apart. Plant them in Oct. and they should be ready around the end of July.

Now that you have gathered your scapes you can make the spicy garlic relish with this recipe from, Putting Up With Erin.  Looks delicious with jalapeno and both brown and yellow mustard seeds.


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