HomesteadingTurning a Ten Thousand Dollar House into a Home

Turning a Ten Thousand Dollar House into a Home

This insightful article of how a homesteading family went about turning a ten thousand dollar house into a home.

Nothing beats the feeling of having a home of your own that is not mortgaged. This article is about a middle-aged woman who bought a house in the worst of conditions under just $10,000 but soon turned it around to a nice, comfortable and a cozy house. The best thing about the house was that it was not mortgaged which is often the case when people buy homes, especially in America.

Another thing that was appealing about the house was that despite its ransacked condition the basic structure was decent enough and one could completely redesign the interior according to their personal preferences.

It is very inspiring in terms of how this woman worked on a very limited budget and although she did her interior and exterior designing on credit cards but it is not recommended unless you are absolutely sure you can pay it off as soon as possible otherwise buying a mortgaged free home kind of loses its advantage.

Turning a Ten Thousand Dollar House into a Home

The first important thing in fixing up a house is to deal with any leakages or molds of any kind. Once the basic fumigation of the house is done and the roof is patched up and the basic structure is dealt with, only then one should start dealing with the interior.

Read this article and you’ll be sure to get some innovative ideas on how to turn an old shack into a comfortable home for yourself.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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