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Tweaking A Fixer Upper

If you have a house that is a fixer upper or you are doing some remodeling on your home these ideas may fit into your plans when you are doing the fixing and remodeling. This one alone is a great space saver. It is a recessed box for the dryer vent so that then the dryer can go all the way to the wall which would save a good 6 inches or more. You can also see how they solved the problem with radon gas in the home.For more info on radon you can check out, Whу Yоu Ѕhоuld Наvе а Rаdоn Gаs Dеtесtоr. The fixer upper had tested positive for radon so they hard a company to install a radon mitigation system while they were framing the laundry room and managed to work it inside the studs so they didn’t lose any precious floor space. The radon mitigation system cost them around 800 dollars so if your home has tested positive for radon you will know about what a mitigation system will run. House Tweaking shares these ideas and more as they fix up their dilapidated 1950’s ranch they call the Underdog.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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