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Types of frosted glass to be used for interior and exterior

Frosted glass is a glass with semi-opaque or transparent properties that comes in a wide range of options for interior and exterior uses as windows, doors and glass panels. It is actually an amazing alternative to regular windows, curtains and Venetian blinds in creating strong design statements. The characteristics of different types of frosted glass are created by the glass production procedure, frosting process, acid etching technique and this, in turn, determines its final use. It is, however, important to understand the characteristics of different types of frosted glass in order to know what to look out for in your choice of frosted glass for interior and exterior decors.


1. Sandblasted glass

The use of sand particles and other fine materials to erode the glass surface under high pressure is what results in sandblasted glass. The sandblasting technique results in a translucent look of frosted glass and a rough glass surface. It can be done manually or with a machine and either of the options allows you to choose the level of opacity that you want. These types of Fogged Glass designs are readily available and you can always opt for customized details if you wish so.




  • It offers a wide range of gradient and opacity options
  • It’s great for creating privacy stripes and patterns
  • It repels the buildup of dirt and reduces the appearance of fingerprints, particularly in high traffic areas


  • It is very durable and will not chip over time
  • It is easily customizable and allows for engravings of a logo, designs, and graphics 


  • Sandblasted glass can block out harmful UV rays in exteriors decors without compromising your ability to enjoy sunlight

2. Satin glass

Satin glass is glass with an opaque, satin surface with decorative patterns embedded in it. It is used to describe glass immersed in abrasive acid such as hydrofluoric acid and then polished to achieve a dull matte or easy-clean finish. A good piece of the satin glass feels just as great as a satin cloth. This quality makes it preferable for use as lampshades, windows, doors, and other interior decorative purposes.

Satin glass has an appealing look and feel. It also has a typical pastel color tint, which is mostly blue. This allows it to give a sense of privacy in homes or in any selected exterior locations.




  • Its translucent quality makes it the best type of glass for frosted bulbs, pearl bulbs, and lampshades 
  • Can be used as a partition to achieve an elegant level of visual privacy


  • Satin glass is designed to be specifically opaque which gives it a high level of privacy
  • It subtly transmits and diffuses light into any given space without compromising privacy


  • It can be used for aesthetic or decorative purposes, such as art glass for doors, and windows
  • It can be used as a monolithic glass for interior decorations or combined with other glass products to create an insulating unit
  • Its silky finish increases its resistance to fingerprint stains, smudges, and minor scratches 

3. Acid-etched glass

Acid-etched glass refers to glass with a smooth matte translucent surface achieved with the application of acid. The process of creating a sheet of float glass with acid results in a distinctive appearance of frosted glass that’s smoother to the touch and easier to maintain. Acid-etched glass is usually stronger than it looks, withstands stress easily and does not discolor. The etching process makes the glass more durable and this allows you to easily cut it into preferred shapes and sizes to suit your preference.

Acid-etched glass is preferred for its versatility in both interior and exterior use.  It can be used on kitchen and bathroom walls for decorative purposes, enclosures, shelves, and partitions. It can also be used for windows, railings, office cubicles, room partitioning, and interior and exterior doors.  For a contemporary and classic feel, you could add back painting to acid-etched glass. 




  • The acid etching process creates a true frosted look 
  • It enhances security
  • It does not smudge or stain easily 


  • It is economical in comparison to other designs
  • Designs are permanent and do not wear out easily


  • It is highly versatile on the opaque to transparent scale
  • It is perfect for complex designs

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