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Typical Neighborhoods Renters Love Most in Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to searching for a place to live, it helps to remember that you’re not just searching for a home or apartment, but you’re also becoming part of a neighborhood. If you’re thinking about moving to Indianapolis, you are definitely looking for a neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle within an urban setting.


According to Budget Dumpster, Indianapolis is fast becoming a hub for business and innovation. As a thriving metropolitan city for work, play, and education, the city has several attractive neighborhoods that anyone would love to live in. Here are some of the top neighborhoods in Indianapolis and a few reasons why more people are moving and living in the Indianapolis area. 

Library Square Neighborhood

Library Square is no doubt one of the premier downtown locations to live in Indianapolis. The evolving neighborhood, located at 9th Street between Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets is at the center of vibrant creative office spaces, art and gallery space, new apartment developments, restaurants, and other public amenities. It’s the perfect hotspot to experience a unique and historic downtown lifestyle in distinctively designed apartments. 

With three apartment communities: The Plaza, The Ambassador, and The Congress, which was opened in early 2018, the Library Square neighborhood offers the ultimate urban living experience for young professionals, empty nesters, students, or downtown enthusiasts. Art and entertainment are at the heart of this neighborhood, with multiple restaurants, Indianapolis’ Central Library, The Cabaret, and multiple businesses all conveniently located within the neighborhood.  


CityWay is an all-inclusive, charming neighborhood, offering a new vibe to downtown Indianapolis living. Located at the doorstep of the city’s top entertainment spots and professional sports venues, CityWay inspires a new kind of lifestyle. Designed as a neighborhood to connect downtown Indy to Lilly’s campus, CityWay offers a medium to downtown living with a suburban feel by including what people need and want in a living situation.

With modern apartments, a world-class business hotel: The Alexander, posh restaurants, modern office space, retail shops, vibrant nightlife, and conference and event space, CityWay is a one of a kind neighborhood that’s located in the heart of a bustling city. The location is convenient being within an active community, by having the Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay adjacent to the complex and living in the heart of the city’s nightlife, including Plat99 and Cerulean within the CityWay community. CityWay simply offers an entirely new lifestyle experience in Indianapolis. 

Lockerbie Square Neighborhood 

Lockerbie Square is the oldest surviving neighborhood in Indianapolis. As downtown’s first historic district, the neighborhood is one of the most vibrant locations to experience Indianapolis’ urban lifestyle. With tree-lined cozy cottages to mansions and elegant apartments, Lockerbie Square is rich with history and charm and a perfect neighborhood for those looking for a little peace and quiet while living close to the center of downtown Indianapolis. 

What Makes a Neighborhood Great?

There are components and features common to all great neighborhoods. As you compare different neighborhoods, you’ll want to match them to your specific needs. 

  • Lifestyle Match – According to an online article on choosing the right neighborhood, you should consider your current lifestyle and needs when choosing a neighborhood to live in. Does it match your daily lifestyle? You might love a home you just viewed, but if the neighborhood doesn’t match your lifestyle, you’ll not be happy or fully comfortable with living there. For example, you don’t go to the grocery once a week, but rather stop by the store every night on your way home to gather items for dinner that night. If your new home isn’t conveniently accessible to a grocery store, you won’t be happy there because it would affect your daily lifestyle.
  • Outdoor Activities – Having access to the outdoor activities you love can make a neighborhood even more attractive to live in. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail provides access across downtown for jogging, running, cycling, or taking your dog out for a stroll. The numerous green spaces and parks located throughout the city also allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. Easy access and proximity to swimming pools and clubs, tennis courts, basketball courts, and golf courses also make a neighborhood great. 
  • Close-Knit Community – Everyone wants to live in a friendly neighborhood. Neighborhoods like CityWay and Library Square, where you can live, work, and play within a close-knit community are a great attraction for anyone looking for locations that offer more than just a great place to live. Close-knit communities offer opportunities to network, make new friends and socialize. 


Other components that make a neighborhood great include access to quality medical care, low crime rate, proximity to public transport, access to shopping centers, walkability, active nightlife and entertainment, and much more. 

The Bottom Line

According to ISoldMyHose, a company that offers advice on how to sell with discount real estate, choosing the right neighborhood is not only good for you, but it’s also important for your property. Indianapolis is the ultimate go-to destination for young buyers or renters who are looking for a combination of great living, employment opportunities, and arts & entertainment. 

For over 34 years, Buckingham has been providing apartment and community amenities to clients across the nation with numerous multifamily, senior, and student housing options. As a full-service real estate firm that has departments in construction, development, acquisition, and property management, Buckingham has been building and shaping neighborhoods and their communities for years and isn’t planning on pausing any time soon.

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