GardeningThe Ultimate Tomato Trellis

The Ultimate Tomato Trellis

I love this idea of training and pruning tomato plants to keep them narrow but higher. It will help to cut down on pest and disease because it will keep everything upright and allow good circulation of air. I grew my pole beans this way last summer, just letting the twine hang down to the bean plants and they just snagged a hold and climbed for the sky. It made it so easy to pick the beans because I could get at both sides and reach between the plants. I will keep using this method for my pole beans this year, I really liked it and it was easy to make the frame and easy to harvest the beans.
I would have never thought to use the method for tomatoes even tho I have the frame sitting right there in front of me. Thanks to Vegetable gardener now I have.

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The Ultimate Tomato Trellis

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